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Economics expert Kevin Rowles comments on Financial Conduct Authority warning of growing debt amongst young people.

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Professor of Sociology and Social Policy and Director of the Centre for Citizenship, Conflict, Identity and Diversity, Professor Surya Monro, who has written extensively on issues surrounding Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual people. Here, she comments on health professionals in England being told to ask patients aged 16 or over about their sexual orientation, under new

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Dr Kate Smith has published on the inequalities and injustices surrounding asylum and immigration policies and practices. Here, she comments on the survivors of torture winning a legal challenge against Home Office rules on asylum seeker detention in the UK.

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Dr Julia Meaton, works in the Centre for Sustainable and Resilient Communities at  the University’s Business School.  In relation to today being World Day for Disaster Reduction Dr Meaton looks at and comments on recent natural disasters and says despite them bringing chaos and despair , they also give rise to something else – good humanity.

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Professor of Educational Leadership and Management Paul Miller comments on the new government website which shows disparities between ethnicities in educational attainment, health, employment and treatment by police and courts.

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