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Steven Lyon is a Senior Lecturer in Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapy.  In light of new research, recently published, which suggests people who suffer from neurotic disorders are actually more suited to creative jobs, he explains what neuroticism is, and why, because they tend to do a lot of self-generated thinking, this takes them away from the roots of reality which often helps

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Professor of Health Policy Peter Bradshaw on the claims made by the British Medical Association (BMA) that the Government has been too busy ‘chasing headlines’, in an effort to belittle and alienate the nation’s doctors, instead of doing their job and dealing with the real problems of the NHS.

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Dr Catherine Haworth  is a Lecturer in Music and a member of Huddersfield’s Centre for the Study of Music, Gender and Identity (MuGI) and the Sound.Music.Image Research Centre (SMI/rc).  Dr Haworth’s primary research areas are music, identity, and representation, and film and television soundtrack analysis.  Here she talks about the James Bond franchise and the success of their film scores in light of

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Dr Duke Gledhill , is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Huddersfield.  Here he writes a review for The Conversation on Windows 10, Microsoft’s most recent operating system and asks will this be the fresh start Microsoft is banking on?

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Professor of Production Economics, Jill Johnes, University of Huddersfield, has gained a prominent national and international research reputation in education economics.   Here she talks about how the English university sector is having to make cuts of £150 million and asks what will be the likely impacts and how will universities manage their finances?

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