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Kris Christmann, is a Researcher within the University’s Applied Criminology Centre.  Here, in an article published on The Conversation, he talks about the urban design features that protect people in terror attacks and the roles cities can play in protecting their citizens from terror.

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Pharmacist, academic and Principal Enterprise Fellow in Pharmacy Dr Mahendra Patel, comments on the cost of drugs and why some cannot be offered by the NHS because they are too expensive.

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Nutrition expert Dr Deborah Pufal comments on the survey that shows that children who eat a healthy breakfast are more likely to do well in end-of-primary-school assessments than those who do not.

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Marketing and Consumer Behaviour expert David Harvey talks about how Aldi and Lidl doubling their combined market share in just three years is really no big surprise, why they have been gaining so much ground on the big four – Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Asda and Morrisons – and how much further can they progress?

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    Dr Arianna Giovannini and Dr Andrew Mycock from the University’s Politics Department on the Government’s English devolution policy and how the lack of a strategic and coherent vision of the extent of devolution across the UK, will not only increase competition and conflict between  an ever more Anglicised Westminster and the other nations

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