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In an article for The Conversation,  Ruth Brooks, Principal Lecturer in Organisation Studies and Dennis Duty, Senior Lecturer in Management and Operations, give advice to students on how to become more employable for their time at University and beyond.

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Dr Julie Davies is the Subject Lead in the Human Resources & Professional Programmes with the University’s Department of People, Management & Organisations.  Here, in an article written for The Conversation, she says why McDonalds’ move towards automation needs to stand as a lesson for  Southern Rail and only by respecting customer and employee voices and by

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Dr Duncan Stone, is a Visiting Researcher at the University of Huddersfield.  In light of the recent news about the state-sponsored doping of the  Russian Olympic team, he writes an article for The Conversation on how doping hasn’t always been considered as cheating because in the ancient Olympics of Greece winning had little to do with modern ideas

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Professor of Health Policy Peter Bradshaw comments on the accusation made by Labour’s leadership contender Mr Owen Smith, that the Tory Government has a secret plan to privatise the NHS.

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Dr Kae Reynolds, is a Senior Lecturer in Leadership with the department of People, Management and Organisations.  Here, in an article published on The Conversation, she talks about while Hillary Clinton delivered a speech that will go down in history, the sexism which still greets women’s speech today endures and it’s past time for this to stop.

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