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Dr Kiara Lewis, the University’s Head of Health and Wellbeing, comments on a new study that shows an increase between the ages of seven and 11 in the proportion of children in the UK who are overweight or obese.

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Child development expert Dr Paige Davis comments on nursery schools in England increasingly grouping children as young as three, four and five, by ability.

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Professor of Educational Leadership and Management Paul Miller comments on the new government website which shows disparities between ethnicities in educational attainment, health, employment and treatment by police and courts.

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Shutterstock Dr Dennis Duty, Senior Lecturer in Management and Operations, and Ruth Brooks, Principal Lecturer in Organisation Studies, on The Conversation UK about research that indicates if someone comes from a deprived economic and social background there is a higher chance of them dropping out of university.  They compare the research to theirs and identified a number of alterations universities can

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Head of the Division of Criminology, Politics and Sociology Dr Pete Woodcock offers advice to new students on coming to university.

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