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Professor of Health Policy Peter Bradshaw on the latest news story to slate the NHS.  This time it’s about how the receptionists at local GP surgeries are putting people off seeing the doctor because of the prior interrogation the patient might undergo with the GPs Receptionist beforehand.

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Richard Nicholls is Senior lecturer in Environmental Design. A recent report published in Nature Climate Change states consistently rising temperatures in Southwest Asia are making it more and more difficult for humans to live there comfortably.  Here he talks about the ways in which humans could adapt to the rising temperatures and by making layouts

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Professor of Transport and Logistics Colin Bamford on the worsening punctuality and reliability of some of the country’s busiest commuter routes and asks can anything be done to improve them?

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Sue Kilcoyne,  Research Professor of the School of Applied Sciences, comments on the gender stereotyping of subjects at school, in particular science and maths Why don’t more girls study science and maths? The question of “Why don’t more girls study science and maths?”  is raised on a regular basis in one form or another.  Not surprisingly

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Glynn Stockton is a Senior Lecturer in Product Design and the Course Leader for the BA (Hons) Transport Design degree.  Here he comments on the recent announcement from the Department of Transport about the upcoming trials of driverless cars which will take place in Milton Keynes and Coventry.

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