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Dr Sofia Izquierdo-Sanchez comments on the unrest in Spain and the claim of independence by Catalonia

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Shutterstock Dr Dennis Duty, Senior Lecturer in Management and Operations, and Ruth Brooks, Principal Lecturer in Organisation Studies, on The Conversation UK about research that indicates if someone comes from a deprived economic and social background there is a higher chance of them dropping out of university.  They compare the research to theirs and identified a number of alterations universities can

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Senior Lecturer in Law James Mendelsohn comments on the growing trend of ‘Holocaust Denial’ and its status in law  

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Professor of Health Policy Peter Bradshaw gives his view on the fulfilment by the Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt on his manifesto promise by announcing the creation of 21,000 new posts within mental health services.

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James Mendelsohn is a  Senior Lecturer in the Law School.  In this blog he talks about how the recent terror attacks in the UK have once again brought issues surrounding extremism and incitement into sharp focus.

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