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Cyber-security researcher Abigail McAlpine is undertaking her doctorate under the umbrella of the University’s Secure Societies Institute. Here she comments on the recent discovery that almost any wireless device can now be exposed and vulnerable to an attack after a protocol vulnerability in the  WPA2 encryption.

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Computer Science and Informatics researcher Abigail McAlpine comments on smartwatches designed for children which have security flaws that make them vulnerable to hackers.

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Dr Kate Smith has published on the inequalities and injustices surrounding asylum and immigration policies and practices. Here, she comments on the survivors of torture winning a legal challenge against Home Office rules on asylum seeker detention in the UK.

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Green criminologist Melanie Flynn comments on the recently launched consultation process by the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs to consider a ban on the sale and export of almost all ivory items.

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Senior Lecturer in Law James Mendelsohn comments on the growing trend of ‘Holocaust Denial’ and its status in law  

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