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Professor Roger Barlow is a Research Professor and Director of the International Institute for Accelerator Applications.  Here, in an article published on The Conversation and as part of their Explainer: series, he explains why the billions and billions of stars that fill our universe don’t make the night sky a blaze of light.

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Dr Gareth Downing is a Senior Lecturer in Economics, Strategy and Marketing and is a member of the Emerging Markets Research Group.  Here, in an article published on The Conversation, he comments on the Spending Review and the plans Chancellor George Osborne has set out for Government expenditure up to 2020.  These involve big cuts to Whitehall

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Kate Aspin, who is the University’s PGCE Primary course Mathematics Tutor and has previously taught in Primary Education, comments on the fact that it will take a decade to bring maths teaching in England up to “world-beating standards”.

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Dr Lisa Russell is a Senior Lecturer in Education and Community Studies and here she comments on the claim by the Read On. Get On. campaign that four out of 10 of England’s poorest boys start school without the language skills needed to learn.

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