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Monkey Business Images Professor of Operations Management David Bamford, from the University of Huddersfield writes for The Conversation UK, with Visiting Research Fellow Marcus Mayers, on the traditional model for car ownership and how it is struggling to stay alive in today’s climate and the new coming transport revolution which could put an end to anyone owning a

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Shutterstock Dr Dennis Duty, Senior Lecturer in Management and Operations, and Ruth Brooks, Principal Lecturer in Organisation Studies, on The Conversation UK about research that indicates if someone comes from a deprived economic and social background there is a higher chance of them dropping out of university.  They compare the research to theirs and identified a number of alterations universities can

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Shutterstock Dr Anna Williams is a Principal Enterprise Fellow in Forensic Anthropology, University of Huddersfield.  In early September she attended the British Science Festival to talk about why UK academics need their own “body farm” – an outdoor laboratory where forensic scientists can study the processes of human decomposition.  The Conversation were there to interview Dr Williams

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NadiaMaha/Shutterstock Dr Leigh Morland is a Principal Lecturer in the Department of Management at the University of Huddersfield.  Here, in an article published on The Conversation, she talks about the infamous brand Chanel and its new perfume Gabrielle, their first new feminine fragrance for 14 years and the young female entrepreneur who started it all over 100 years ago.

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With expertise from Child Psychologist Dr Paige Davis (pictured left from the University of Huddersfield), Bob Nicholson (Edge Hill University), Kate Fox (University of Leeds), Justin H G Williams (University of Aberdeen) and Cate Watson (University of Stirling), the ‘Humour Me’ podcast explores how our humour develops as we grow up and also looks at the

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