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Dr Kiara Lewis, the University’s Head of Health and Wellbeing, comments on a new study that shows an increase between the ages of seven and 11 in the proportion of children in the UK who are overweight or obese.

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Consumer behaviour expert David Harvey comments on consumers’ obesity crisis being fuelled by businesses pushing unhealthy food and larger portions on shoppers

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Dr Julie Davies is the Subject Lead in the Human Resources & Professional Programmes with the University’s Department of People, Management & Organisations.  Here, in an article written for The Conversation, she says why McDonalds’ move towards automation needs to stand as a lesson for  Southern Rail and only by respecting customer and employee voices and by

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Food nutritionist Dr Deborah Pufal comments on a new food substitute called Soylent that intends to help people save time and reduce the struggle in meeting daily targets.  Is it a health hazard waiting to happen?

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Consumer behaviour expert David Harvey on the 40th anniversary of the UK arrival of McDonald’s and the impact the brand has had on our eating habits over the last four decades.

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