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Consumer behaviour expert David Harvey comments on consumers’ obesity crisis being fuelled by businesses pushing unhealthy food and larger portions on shoppers

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Marketing and consumer behaviour expert David Harvey gives his view as to how the British Public have reacted to the ‘temporary’ shortage of certain vegetables over this coming winter.

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Dr John Lever is a Senior Lecturer in Sustainability in the Department of Strategy, Marketing and Economics and a member of the University’s Centre for Sustainable and Resilient Communities.  Here, he talks about halal and sustainability and that it is no longer enough for producers to focus solely on what type of food is produced but

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Dr Helen Martin is a food microbiologist at the University of Huddersfield.  Here she talks about the recent BBC News story which states 73% of shop-bought chickens contain the food poisoning bug Campylobacter and why, aslong as the appropriate steps are taken, this shouldn’t be a worry.

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Food nutritionist Dr Deborah Pufal comments on a new food substitute called Soylent that intends to help people save time and reduce the struggle in meeting daily targets.  Is it a health hazard waiting to happen?

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