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Academic researcher in the area of child protection and foster parent Professor Brid Featherstone gives her thoughts on The Observer newspaper’s comment on the increasing pressures suffered by the foster carers.

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This is a co-authored article, originally published on The  Conversation, by Brid Featherstone, University of Huddersfield; Anna Gupta, Royal Holloway;  June Thoburn, University of East Anglia; Kate Morris, University of Sheffield, and Sue White, University of Birmingham.   Here, they talk about the Government’s plans  to speed up forced adoptions and why, by rushing to speed up

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Ben Raikes is a Senior Lecturer in Social Work at the University of Huddersfield.  Here he talks about Looked After young people and how it is appalling that such a high statistic spend time in young offender institutions and what needs to be done to lessen the number.

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