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My name is Leah Jade Wimpenny, I am a second year student studying Film, English Literature, Media and Popular Culture (it’s a bit a mouthful when people ask me what I’m doing at uni), recently I just finished my placement module at the Publishing Hub as a journalist.

The experience was incredibly positive, beginning by conducting phone interviews and preparing transcripts for articles before moving on to my own research and writing articles of my own. From this I am now a published journalist and have been able to build up a portfolio that will enable me to prove to further employers I am capable of producing writing on a wide range of topics in a limited space of time. By choosing a placement that really interests you, you give yourself the chance for better future prospects and also enable yourself to gain knowledge of a work place that could be vital to your chosen field, I seriously recommend looking around and choosing one that really suits you and what you might want to do.

I have been writing for various magazines including BIM journal, TNL, MEM and FEAST. I was able to write for where film reviews are posted and readers can comment, which can open debate and discussion from other film enthusiasts across the country. Writing for FEAST magazine opened huge opportunities, including the chance for one of the journalists to go to France for the weekend, learning to forage mushrooms and cook them with a professional chef. Another opportunity is open to go to Germany to review a hotel and restaurant, it really does open a lot of doors in terms of experience. In my own experience I got to stay at The Dorsett Hotel, Shepherd’s Bush, London and celebrate international women’s day with hotel director Winnie Chu who has previously won Woman of the Year. The hotel was sensational with a free stay, free evening meal, free bar and free breakfast in bed. The experience allowed me to meet many other journalists from around the country and prestigious women who all raised a glass in celebration of the day.

The whole experience has certainly been one to remember and if you enjoy writing and are doing a degree in any form of the humanities sector I whole heartedly recommend looking into it. From my experience I have gained a huge confidence boost in writing, gaining positive feedback and knowledge of a workplace that previously I had not been involved with. While I remain uncertain on a career path, it is tempting to go down a journalistic route-especially in consideration to the opportunities that allow you to travel and document your experience. In the past three months I have become more educated on current events than I have ever been and have expanded my own knowledge on so many fields greatly, it is certainly something that keeps the brain moving.

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