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On  Wednesday 24th April we had our Small / Medium Enterprises (SME) day where we brought  the benefits of working for SME employers to your attention by hosting an event within the Atrium. We then asked local SMEs if there’s any thing they’d like to say about the opportunities and benefits that can arise with

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I love football. Watching it that is – not so good on the pitch myself.  But like everyone else on the sofa or down the pub this week I was amazed to see Luis Suarez actually biting a member of the opposing team in a fit of temper. All in a day’s work for a

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Walk into most University Careers and Employability Centres and you’ll see lots of glossy brochures from large international companies advertising their graduate recruitment schemes. And there’s no doubt that these jobs are attractive given prospects and salary – but have you considered SME’s? Never heard of a SME? Allow me to explain. They’re ‘Small /

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Unfortunately, a maintenance loan alone does not fund the party lifestyle that many of us are accustomed to and therefore it is the norm for most of us to seek part time employment. Those of us who work alongside studying tend to do so purely for the extra cash injection not noticing that work experience

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Oh dear. We’ve been saying for ages how important your digital footprint can be (especially as part of your personal brand) and now Paris Brown has quit after days of media coverage of her inappropriate tweets. And they are indeed pretty bad (you can read examples here). Even though (hopefully) most of us would never be

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How can you stand out amongst other job seekers and are you willing to take a gamble? Watching the news recently I was shocked to discover the current administration have been in power for nearly 3 years. “Surely that’s wrong” I said out loud to the television and the cat, neither of which answered back…..thankfully.

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‘Lighting for most occasions!’ reads the sign in a shop window in Huddersfield. Good marketing?  Do you think, ‘Great – I can get most of my lighting needs in there.’ Or, like me, do you wonder which of your lighting occasions they cannot cater for?  Need to find tiny object on floor occasion? Romantic evening

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I was recently asked to produce information on Personal Branding. No worries there, that’s the sort of thing that we do in Careers and Employability. But here’s the twist : the information was aimed at people who are employed – in other words, they were not actively job seeking but instead wanted to look at

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