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With almost 50% of young people now going to university, the graduate employment market is becoming a crowded place. The message for students and graduates is that the picture is a lot more positive than the data portrays, but the key message is to take advantage of the help on offer at higher education careers

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If you are interested in becoming a teacher but do not want to work in schools then you might consider becoming a teacher in the Further Education sector, sometimes known as the Skills, or Lifelong Learning sector. Qualifications to teach in this sector are different to those for schools. The Careers and Employability Service can

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Guest blogger and University of Huddersfield student of Broadcast Journalism Iain Ross with : My Top-Tips for Finding Work Experience . Now I’m no professional, and I haven’t got an endless list of companies that I have completed placements with. I am however, a withered old third year student who has had all the lectures,

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