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Offshore algae plants, solar roads, eco cities, there are hundreds of fantastic ideas on the grand scale. These projects excite us, they fill us with genuine optimism. As someone who loves engineering, I read the grand stories, but often the way engineers change the planet is through the subtle innovative practical solutions. Christian Louboutin noted

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Ever wanted to write for this blog? Now is your chance as we’re actively looking for guest writers.  Here are a few guidelines : these notes have been written for anyone aiming to write for our blog. First of all: thank you for considering writing for us! Do talk to us before you write and

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‘How do you get work experience when you need work experience for jobs you can’t get without work experience because you can’t get the job in work experience in the first place?’ Confused? Welcome to the line that most students walk. This may not be a ‘one hat fits all’ piece of advice, it’s not

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