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How is your life as an international student in the UK coming along? Have you tried to look for work after your graduation in the UK yet? Perhaps, if you are reading this, you know exactly how difficult it is to find a real job in UK. If you have substantial prior experience and your

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Imagine if there was a way of making your application form look twice as good as those of other applicants ….would you use it? Of course! Now consider this: most employers receive and view CVs electronically. Smart students are now using that knowledge to create interactive documents and to embed links, additional information and even

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This is my journey through becoming a Graduate Intern at the University of Huddersfield for the Careers and Employability Services. I never really put much thought on what I wanted to do after my degree. I presume most students rarely give it much thought, because we are too occupied with our studies. Being a student you just

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Your CV and accompanying application is the first stage of the recruitment process for the Graduate Programme, so it is vital that you spend time on your CV to make a good first impression….

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Are you a Millennial? If you’re one of those bright young things born between the early 80s and the early 2000s, you’re probably pretty sceptical about investing in the stock market. The crash of the late 80s was too close for comfort. Follow up with 2008’s bust and you breed a generation that fights shy

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