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“It is a requirement of this post that within 12 months of appointment, the post-holder should live within a 30 mile radius.” This week Google have been accused in the USA of age discrimination and a new survey has highlighted examples of terrible interview questions that were asked of students and graduates. As we have

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Mad Men — A term coined in the late nineteen-fifties to describe the advertising executives of Madison Avenue. They coined it. There has been a Don Draper shaped hole in my life until recently. Season 7 of Mad Men has begun and it’s 1971. The clothes, the drinking vodka at 11am, the back stabbing of

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What was it about the financial sector that attracted you? Handling other people’s money is involved with a lot of responsibility and it is a great place to develop a career. The skills you learn in a financial company such as accounting, budgeting, financial analysis, reporting or treasury are skills that are valuable in every

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Another Perspective I also work full time as a Careers Advisor for a company called Aspire-I in Bradford, delivering the careers advice and guidance under the National Careers Service. We take on placement students doing various courses from careers guidance to apprentices doing business admin, and I see and support a wide range of placements

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I am a student currently studying Guidance Professional Studies MA, PgDip. I’m on placement with the Careers and Employability Service with the University of Huddersfield, getting to know about Careers Advice in a Higher Education setting, and developing my own practice. First day on placement is just like the first day of work, it can

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When I speak to students about putting together a creative CV, the first thing that they tend to ask me is, ‘What does one look like?’ Ah, well that is the question, creative CVs can range from something like this, to this, to this … in other words, there is no standard format for a

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In my role as Careers Adviser (International) I see lots of international students who want to work in the UK but lack the confidence required to secure that all elusive opportunity. This post aims to build your confidence and help you start thinking about the things that you have to offer a UK graduate employer.

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Everyone else has a plan! Everyone else on my course knows what they want to do. They have a job title and a plan.  I have no idea.  What am I going to do? Is this you? Firstly I can assure you that not everyone DOES know what to do when they finish uni.  They

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