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I’m rubbish at goodbyes and I’ve realised why, usually with goodbyes there’s this feeling you have that you’re moving forward to better things, this goodbye is to a company that delivered an internship that has not only provided a positive and challenging role in a new and exciting industry, it has also provided a supportive

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Oh, Volkswagen. What have you done? As the FT reported this week, “It is an innovative way to fail. Lesser rivals have accidentally made millions of cars with accelerator pedals that stick and airbags that misfire. VW, by contrast, went out of its way to make sure that 11m diesel cars would malfunction in exactly the

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Welcome to the University of Huddersfield! Hopefully you’re reading this as a result of discovering our excellent, newly updated JobShop. That’s where you’ll find all of our latest part time job vacancies both on and off campus. You can even create a basic CV online through MyCareer that will help you to apply for jobs.

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Creating and inspiring exciting graduate careers in IT and business. Have a look at what University graduates are up to now…. My name is: Daniel Metcalfe My degree: University of Huddersfield Virtual Reality Design with Animation My role at FDM is: Java Developer I am currently placed at:  SSP Here is a description of my role

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It is the beginning of the academic year, and if you are about to come and study at the University of Huddersfield this September, then nerves and excitement will most likely be very high up on your list of emotions. It is probably also true to say that thinking about your graduate career and preparing

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