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If you want to try something new at university this year then why not check out Radio Hud? Becoming part of the radio society is a rewarding and an awesome hands-on learning experience. Here are eight ways working for your University radio station can change your life forever:

  1. It develops your verbal communication skills.

While playing music is a big part of a presenter’s job, talking on air is just as important. Hosting a radio show in University is a great way to sharpen up your public speaking skills without having hundreds of people staring at you. Plus, learning to think on your feet and develop what you want to say without a detailed script in hand helps you become a more thoughtful verbal communicator.

  1. It teaches you customer service skills.

Making the audience happy is an important part of any role within the society. Listeners are, in essence, your customers, so learning to answer the phone politely and professionally, answering questions and handling requests are important parts of the job. Learning how to talk to those listeners is an important business skill that will carry over into your professional life.

  1. It gives you problem solving experience.

Radio isn’t perfect. Songs stall in the middle. You push the wrong button. The mic doesn’t work. Handling those technical glitches and mistakes is an important task when working inside the studio, and it also helps you learn how to quickly solve and respond to a problem.

  1. It gives opportunities to connect with the industry

Being a part of Radio Hud not only connects you with the University and Student Union, but there are national bodies that bring together groups around the country. These groups provide advice, training, and host local and national conferences. We will take a select few to a Student Radio Association (SRA) conference within the year where you will have the opportunity to make connexions with industry professionals.

  1. It’s an introduction to huge responsibility.

When you accept a role at Radio Hud, whether serving as a manager or presenting a show, the other staff and listeners depend on you to keep things going. You’re responsible for showing up on time and carrying out all your duties, plus you’re trusted to operate expensive equipment and keep things running smoothly. Taking the responsibility seriously is important and shows you just how it feels to have a truly important task.

  1. It’s a foot in the door.

Your media career starts here!! Obviously you’re not going to become rich and famous through student radio but if media is the industry that you want to go into then I would definitely get involved. It sounds great when you can tell someone that you were so keen to get started with your career that you simply couldn’t wait any longer.

  1. It looks brilliant to prospective employers.

If you’ve applied for a job and your competition has the same grades on the same course at the same university as you then you need something that will make you stand out from the crowd! Granted, any society will do that for you but if you become a member of Radio Hud you will be part of a team that will give you opportunities to develop skills in many areas, push yourself to win awards, we will help you put together evidence for your Student Leadership Award and you will have the chance to become a member of the committee.

  1. It gives you a fun and relaxing period in a busy schedule.

I spent my time as a presenter with one of my best friends, and we were lucky to have our show on Wednesday evenings every term. Those hour-long periods where we hung out, played music and chatted in between our duties were some of the most fun and relaxing blocks in my otherwise stressful schedule. I’m not saying that you should ‘take your eye off of the ball’ but after all of that responsibility, it’s worth it.

Outside lectures, Radio Hud was one of the only activities I consistently participated in at Uni, and those experiences without a doubt shaped my university experience. Student radio can be a CV-boosting activity that helps you grow personally and professionally. Whether you are picking up important skills or just making some fond memories, student radio can change your life.



Written by guest blogger, Carys Wilkes – Radio Hud’s Head of Programming

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