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Name: Errietta Kostala Company name: FairFX Position: Software Architect What did you want to be when you grew up? I guess it was a variety of things that changed over time. I think the first thing I wanted to be was a teacher, but then it changed to a video games tester because I thought it would

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What we can do for you As an international student we recognise the importance of how vital the Careers and Employability Service is, both throughout your studies and after graduation. We have specialist staff and targeted resources to support with the needs specifically for international students. Services available The service can provide you with support

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In my role as Careers Adviser (International) I see lots of international students who want to work in the UK but lack the confidence required to secure that all elusive opportunity. This post aims to build your confidence and help you start thinking about the things that you have to offer a UK graduate employer.

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How is your life as an international student in the UK coming along? Have you tried to look for work after your graduation in the UK yet? Perhaps, if you are reading this, you know exactly how difficult it is to find a real job in UK. If you have substantial prior experience and your

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