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  Save money whilst looking for a job You know it makes sense…keep your part time job going whilst job searching for your ideal job post-graduation. Making sure that you are still working shows commitment and willingness to work. It also means you don’t have to miss out on having a bit of fun on the

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Have you heard of the Huddersfield Graduate Programme? At the end of April, we will be offering an array of 10 week paid internships with local SMEs exclusively for University of Huddersfield graduates. Don’t be put off with the term “internship”, all roles that have been secured for you are at a graduate level with

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Local family run business, Huddersfield Central Lodge Hotel have recently offered a number of international students fantastic work experience opportunities to flourish not only in their field of work, but on a personal level too. Students’ hardworking and compassionate attitude has not gone unnoticed and is highly regarded by the owners of the hotel. Students have shared

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  Guest post by ClickMechanic Working Hours Let’s make no bones about it, working in a startup is hard! You’ll be part of a small team trying to build things from nothing in a fraction of the time it should take, and this requires a level of dedication that can be lacking in corporate environments.

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Name: Katie Mallinson Company name: Scriba PR Position: Founder What was your first job? Serving ice-creams in Greenhead Park Café. What did you want to be when you grew up? What didn’t I want to be?! A teacher, an author, an engineer like my dad… I didn’t even know what PR was until I was

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Interning as a Research Officer for Community Foundation for Calderdale I had recently finished my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and knowing it was going to be difficult to get a job straight away, I sought advice through the University of Huddersfield Careers and Employability Service.  I spoke to the lovely Su Maynard who went through

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So… Summer is finally here and I have finished my first week of my internship at ADC Property Solutions Ltd. My morning starts the same every day, with the sweet smell of coffee from the local coffee shop, gearing myself to catch the 229 Leeds bus at 8:20am to work.   The bus journey to

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Abigail secured an internship through The Huddersfield Graduate Programme My first month at Olympus Technologies, what can I say? It’s been a bit of a whirlwind and an absolute blast. I can’t believe I’m already over a month into my internship, it barely feels like 2 weeks have gone by! I’ve been working as a

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On  Wednesday 24th April we had our Small / Medium Enterprises (SME) day where we brought  the benefits of working for SME employers to your attention by hosting an event within the Atrium. We then asked local SMEs if there’s any thing they’d like to say about the opportunities and benefits that can arise with

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Walk into most University Careers and Employability Centres and you’ll see lots of glossy brochures from large international companies advertising their graduate recruitment schemes. And there’s no doubt that these jobs are attractive given prospects and salary – but have you considered SME’s? Never heard of a SME? Allow me to explain. They’re ‘Small /

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