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Alina took part in The Huddersfield Graduate Programme last year and shares her experience of the process and success in her role!

About You

Full Name
Alina Chiriceanu

Where are you from
Bucharest, Romania

Course title
Product Design (BA)

Course start year

Course end year

About your internship employer

Company name
Visual Systems Healthcare

How long have you worked for this employer?
14th November 2016 – present

How was it working for this employer and what skills have you gained?
I came across the internship through the University’s Careers and Employability Service. Although I am a Product Design graduate, my role at Visual Systems Healthcare involved starting and managing the new Marketing, Research and Development Department. During my course I have undertook a market research module, which along with my design and product development skills helped me fit perfectly into the requirements of the role. I applied in the standard way – an application form and a  design portfolio followed by an interview. Later I found out that my enthusiasm, academic achievements and unique cocktail of skills was what really stood out.

During my three-month internship I spent a lot of time researching into the company’s processes, the UK healthcare market and the management systems that the company manufactured for it. I was given the freedom of making decisions right from the start, which not only helped build up my confidence, but also gave me the real industry feedback I needed. One of the first decisions I made was to design a new brand identity and a new website. I was researching, designing and testing marketing strategies whilst building up the structure of my department. The experience I gained through this complex work is invaluable to me.

The first benefit of my internship was that it led to a full-time job managing the Marketing, Research and Development Department! It improved my confidence greatly and gave me the freedom to try different approaches – while at University I never thought I would have sole control of a department. The internship also opened up a whole new world to me – one that I am immensely pleased to be in. I had the chance of practicing a broad range of skills, which I now like to believe improved immensely, giving me the confidence that I can undertake any challenge in any role involving market research, digital marketing, graphic design and product development.

About your University Experience

Why did you choose Huddersfield?
The University of Huddersfield is offers the greatest international student experience and has one of the highest rates of employability. The Product Design course is also one of the top rated courses in the UK. The set of skills I have gained throughout my studies are just in line with what the industry is looking for.

Would you recommend Huddersfield and why?
Yes, Huddersfield provides great student experience, top level education and a high employability rate.




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