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Local family run business, Huddersfield Central Lodge Hotel have recently offered a number of international students fantastic work experience opportunities to flourish not only in their field of work, but on a personal level too.

Students’ hardworking and compassionate attitude has not gone unnoticed and is highly regarded by the owners of the hotel. Students have shared a wide range of specialist skills and general knowledge with the management team, in addition to speaking multiple languages. Janice Marsden of Huddersfield Central Lodge commented: “The energy, enthusiasm and dynamism offered by many international students have made them an asset to our excellent hotel’s team. It is satisfying to know that they have always gain new knowledge and experience while working for us that can be applied in their professional careers.”

Huddersfield Central Lodge currently have five international students employed across all departments originating from: Cameroon, Vietnam, France, Slovakia and Latvia. Their roles include but are not limited to housekeeping, kitchen assistant, reception, front of house roles, general office assistant and marketing.

“We are very proud that the majority of our international team members have moved on to full time employment after graduating from the University of Huddersfield. It is satisfying to know that they have gained new knowledge and experience whilst working for us which can be applied in furthering their professional careers.”

If you are a local business, here are just some of the attributes an international student can bring to your organisation:

  • Language skills
  • Cultural awareness
  • Knowledge of the global market
  • Overseas contacts and networks
  • Business and technical skills
  • Creating a diverse workforce
  • Bringing determination and initiative having already travelled to study in a different country

As an international student we recognise the importance of how vital the Careers and Employability Service is, both throughout your studies and after graduation. We have specialist staff and targeted resources to support with the needs specifically for international students.

If you would like more information on how the Careers and Employability Service can support you whilst at University, download our Guide for International Students for tips and advice on ways to develop your employability as well as links to useful websites.

Grace Lenihan, Careers and Employability Service, Students Careers Champion.

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