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So… Summer is finally here and I have finished my first week of my internship at ADC Property Solutions Ltd. My morning starts the same every day, with the sweet smell of coffee from the local coffee shop, gearing myself to catch the 229 Leeds bus at 8:20am to work.

 Huddersfield Bus Station

The bus journey to work is the perfect way to start the day with fantastic views of the Yorkshire countryside. Also, it’s a great opportunity to plan your day and to be prepared for the potential obstacles. I have learnt so many things in my first week especially getting to know the marketing activities at the company. It has been a fantastic experience and a great introduction to the property service industry.

The best part of my internship so far is it’s great to see the value of your work within a small company. Currently, the Marketing team is really small with a Marketing Executive – Ashley Graham who also came to the company through a Santander Internship last summer. You can read his thoughts on the experience here. This has been great during my first week as there are little limitations of how creative you can be which is perfect within a marketing internship. Also, the office environment is one of the best things about this role, the workforce here has been really welcoming.


My role includes various online and offline marketing tasks and building relationships with new/current customers. Over the course of my summer Internship, I will be tracking my progression and highlighting the job duties I have learnt and completed.

Skills used

The green represents the skills I have been using and will be tracking this monthly


During the first week, I have been creating unique and relevant content about our services via our blog posts. Also, throughout my Internship we will also be re-designing the website which should be an exciting thing to do. Things like developing brand new content, images, videos and possible a new layout. Hopefully, we can improve our online presence enough to enhance our appearance and perception.

Social Media

I have been using a variety of social media channels like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google Plus and Twitter. Publishing the latest news and updates of ourselves and within the industry. We have been using social media alongside other marketing channels, as it will hopefully provide huge influence over our audience. Hopefully, we can gain many more followers and likes which should lead into sales for the company.

Buffer Image

After my first week, I’d certainly recommend a Summer Internship to anyone who wants to get work experience. What I hope to get out of my Internship is to gain a vast amount of experience in creating a Sales and Marketing plan which will allow the company to grow. Overall, I definitely can’t wait to see what the rest of my Internship has in stored over the next few months.

Thanks for reading


Looking to the future

I just wanted to chip in a little bit here to say that it has been a pleasure working with Jamie and we are progressing our marketing strategy faster than expected. It is nice to have somebody else with a keen eye for marketing to bounce ideas off, to bring new ideas to the team and help us execute our vision.

Former Intern Ashley Graham

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