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It’s Pancake Day, so what better way to discover our “recipe” for CV success!

A recipe we hear you say, what has that got to do with building and updating a CV? Well, if anyone were to know about a tried-and-tested CV recipe for success it’s us (and we have all the secret ingredients)! Here is how to cook up an irresistible resume that we are certain will make recruiters hungry for more…


  • ½ tsp Personal Details
  • 135g Education
  • 1 tsp Work Experience
  • ½ tsp Skills
  • 130ml Interests
  • ½ tsp General
  • 2 tbsp Referees


  • Pre heat your self-belief to a moderately hot degree of confidence; it’s important to believe in yourself when writing your CV.
  • Before rolling out your career history, separate your direction with 2 tbsp of clarity.
  • Take the CV structure and gently melt into an attractive layout, taking care to establish defined headings to guide the employer through the rest of your CV recipe.
  • Combine the winning elements of your CV profile by gently whisking in your skills, experience and future potential.

Optional: Mix in an outline of one or two lines, your objective for applying to the target organisation in the context of your overall career ambitions, skills and experience.

  • In another bowl, combine your key skills and competencies that you can bring to your target employer.
  • With an electric whisk, whip the key skills and competencies to hold soft peaks.
  • Stir in your experience with over relevant work experience making sure your most pertinent experience is featured first.
  • Don’t forget to mix in a hint of your overall career ambitions!
  • Be careful to fold gently so your CV doesn’t deflate, it’s ok if it isn’t totally formed at this point.
  • Fold in details of your jobs, one at a time, separating information that the recruiter doesn’t need to know.
  • Blend in achievements, tangible results and project examples to evidence your skills. Whisk briskly until smooth and light.
  • Add a pinch of Education and Qualifications.
  • Season to taste with additional information such as interests, and relevant extracurricular activities.
  • Leave the contents in the pan until golden brown, and keep it warm in a low oven as you go.

Leave to cool completely before sending. Check again for consistency, presentation and taste.

Recipe Tip: Serve with a tastefully targeted and well-written cover letter and matching LinkedIn profile. Remember, your CV may only be scan read by a busy employer, would you be impressed?

If you would like further advice from the Careers and Employability Service regarding your CV please take a look on our website for supporting resources.

Grace Lenihan, Careers and Employability Service, Students Careers Champion.





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