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  “How do I get myself a graduate job?” This is a question we frequently get asked within the career service, and one that can often be difficult to answer. A common goal for almost all students is to get themselves a graduate job at the end of their course, but the harsh reality is

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  Guest post by ClickMechanic Working Hours Let’s make no bones about it, working in a startup is hard! You’ll be part of a small team trying to build things from nothing in a fraction of the time it should take, and this requires a level of dedication that can be lacking in corporate environments.

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Did you know:  – 82.4% of graduates being scammed believe they are not being targeted – Of those targetted, 46.7% suffered financial loss of up to £2,600 – 71.5% of job hunters think scammers target those looking for their first job – 1 out of 3 students feel vulnerable when job hunting – 41.9% of these

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What we can do for you As an international student we recognise the importance of how vital the Careers and Employability Service is, both throughout your studies and after graduation. We have specialist staff and targeted resources to support with the needs specifically for international students. Services available The service can provide you with support

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Before going on holiday as a child, I could hardly wait to pack my suitcase and escape 1980s Birmingham for a few days. Swapping the urban landscape and sprawling grey skies, with a break by the seaside, captured my childlike imagination to no end. ‘When are we going?’ would be my question to my dad,

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“It is a requirement of this post that within 12 months of appointment, the post-holder should live within a 30 mile radius.” This week Google have been accused in the USA of age discrimination and a new survey has highlighted examples of terrible interview questions that were asked of students and graduates. As we have

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The purpose of this blog post is to give a brief overview of some of the barriers individuals with a diagnosis of Asperger’s Syndrome can perceive when applying for jobs. These barriers can be intentional or unintentional, but they are very real to an individual on the spectrum. APPLICATION FORM Filling in an application form

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Within the realm of careers guidance and information we often focus on content to a microscopic degree, especially when reviewing CVs and application forms where one or two words can be changed to enhance the prospects of success. Those letters or emails, that are sent alongside CVs, are also subject to our scrutiny as they

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