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  Carol Vorderman, David Dimbleby, Lewis Carrol, Michael Morpurgo, Hugh Laurie ….what do they have in common? Right, they all gained third class degrees at University. Poor results can be devastating, especially if they were unexpected. But a third absolutely doesn’t mean the end of the road for your career plans. Far from it –

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It is graduation! It is the moment that you have been working towards, and it is a very exciting time for everyone. For a lot of people this is the start of a new adventure, however if you are feeling a bit daunted about the prospect of hunting for graduate jobs, then don’t worry –

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Oh, Volkswagen. What have you done? As the FT reported this week, “It is an innovative way to fail. Lesser rivals have accidentally made millions of cars with accelerator pedals that stick and airbags that misfire. VW, by contrast, went out of its way to make sure that 11m diesel cars would malfunction in exactly the

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This is an article following two successful candidates journey’s though the Victoria Plumb graduate interview process. They offer tips and advice of what to expect at an assessment day, and how to successfully make a lasting impression on an employer. What to expect at an assessment day Individual Tasks: Candidates were asked to bring in

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Another Perspective I also work full time as a Careers Advisor for a company called Aspire-I in Bradford, delivering the careers advice and guidance under the National Careers Service. We take on placement students doing various courses from careers guidance to apprentices doing business admin, and I see and support a wide range of placements

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I am a student currently studying Guidance Professional Studies MA, PgDip. I’m on placement with the Careers and Employability Service with the University of Huddersfield, getting to know about Careers Advice in a Higher Education setting, and developing my own practice. First day on placement is just like the first day of work, it can

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The business of applying for your PhD can feel very mysterious and the process can vary widely from one institution to the next. How do you get funding? Who can fund you? Who can supervise you? What’s a proposal?! Having worked closely with a PhD candidate recently and closely observed the somewhat opaque method of

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Do some community work, get some sports coaching badges, and something that makes you interesting to someone who sees 20 CVs a week. Work experience helps. It shows you are committed.

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Law is a very popular degree course, according to the Higher Education Statistics Agency (HESA) there were 12,500 full time undergraduate law students in the UK in 2013/14.  Many of those who choose to study law have the ambition of becoming either a solicitor or barrister, but many do not realise just how competitive the

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The scary thing about our industry
is that while there are more creative jobs than ever before, the competition is fierce. Since starting professional creative community The Dots (, incredibly talented juniors are always asking me for tips on how to get that all-important foot in the door. To be honest there is no single thing

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