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Huddersfield Grad Programme

Have you heard of the Huddersfield Graduate Programme? At the end of April, we will be offering an array of 10 week paid internships with local SMEs exclusively for University of Huddersfield graduates.

Don’t be put off with the term “internship”, all roles that have been secured for you are at a graduate level with responsibilities and challenges that will provide you with an invaluable experience for your first post-graduation job. The best bit? If you impress within your first 10 weeks, all our employers have promised scope for a full-time role within their business.

Unlike a “normal job”, we offer to stay in touch throughout your internship to provide on hand advice and assistance with any problems, glitches or niggles that may arise (you can’t get rid of us that easily)! And…because we want you to be the best you can possibly be, we offer you the opportunity to attend a personal development training session at the University as part of securing your internship.

The beauty of working in an SME means that you have a real opportunity to make a positive impact quickly and your good work is more likely to get noticed. Being employed by a smaller company also means that you’ll have a better understanding of your role and may possibly have the opportunity to work within different areas of the organisation…meaning every day is interesting, and the scope for progression may be sooner.

We are fortunate to have roles ranging from marketing to software development (and even a position working in a local Vineyard)! Stay posted for the end of April, alternatively if you’re still wondering, “is an internship right for me?” then our workshop on Tuesday 4th April 2017 might be of interest. We will fill you in on how you can apply, how to make your application stand out and answer any questions you may have.

Book now: Tuesday 4th April 2017, 13:30-14:30, STSE Workshop Room.

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