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Duke of York Young Entrepreneur Centre

Duke of York Young Entrepreneur Centre

Here in the Enterprise Team, we are able to offer the businesses we support the opportunity to use a shared office space when working on their business.  The Duke of York Young Entrepreneur Centre (see photo) is a fantastic office.  It is a large open plan space in the 3M Buckley Innovation Centre, with sofas in break out areas, some computers available to use (or bring your own laptop), printing facilities, telephones and bookable private meeting rooms.  All of this is free of charge for our businesses.

We’ve worked with start-up businesses for a number of years, so we know the value of shared office space.  It takes away the loneliness of working in isolation at home.  It provides a professional “shop front” for your business.  It gives you a chance for collaboration with other businesses.  It can give you informal support from “colleagues” (other businesses located in the office).  It can give you inspiration when you see and hear what others are achieving.  It gives you daily access to the Advisor team.  I could go on….but instead I thought it would be more interesting to read just what some of the businesses we support have to say themselves:

“As a new start-up business I love the environment that a shared office brings.  I enjoy the buzz of being around other companies, especially young entrepreneurs in the same situation as me.  There is almost a sense of camaraderie, which is particularly encouraging if you are self-employed and working alone.  Also, the opportunities to network, learn from other people and possibly even foster a new business relationship, cannot be underestimated.”  Katie Mallinson, Scriba PR

“Establishing our social enterprise in a shared office environment has provided us with countless new and interesting opportunities. We have set-up collaborations with other new enterprises and have been able to tap into the variety of services that other tenants provide. Undoubtedly, we never would have had these opportunities if we were working in an isolated location or from home.  There is such a varied support network and it is so inspiring being surrounded by others who are in the same boat as us but from a wider range of disciplines and backgrounds.”  Nic Flatt, Fifth Planet Productions

“I have used the office in the Duke of York Young Entrepreneur Centre for the last 5 months. I have 2 other places where can I develop my business (my home and my workshop) but I prefer to move my work from home to the shared office.  Most people in the office are in the same situation, they are students who are opening their own business.  We have similar goals in spite of the different business ideas and it is an amazing opportunity to exchange our experiences and learn from each other.  The atmosphere in the office helps to keep high motivation levels and raises a small competitive spirit which stimulates people to action.  Based on my experience I believe that working in office like this one is much more efficient than working alone at home.”  Ewa Polewska, Bee4Bees

“I’ve found the office a great place to bounce ideas off the people around me and also to keep socialised as running a business can get a bit lonely.  Having the Enterprise Team in the same office means that support is always there when you need it.  The office itself gives you a professional setting for any meetings you need and is also a neutral place to get your work done.”  Laurie Perkins, LoveCat Vintage


If you would like to explore running your own business from the Duke of York Young Entrepreneur Centre, please get in touch with us at or visit our website



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