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A couple of students on our Enterprise Placement Year were really struggling to gain access to a market for their animation service. 

As a favour, we asked a large local engineering firm to talk to them about how it used animation services so that the students could see what appealed to a potential client, how it made buying decisions, and how it currently outsourced its requirements.  The object of the exercise was for the students to learn how industry worked in practice so that they could better identify and approach prospects. 

The eventual result exceeded all expectations.  A ‘taster’ piece of work was completed well and on time which was rewarded with a much larger contract.

Armed with their first blue-chip client, they can now dispel the credibility issue often faced by start-up businesses.  This client contract provides the perfect boost for their business which they’ll fully launch from the Duke of York Young Entrepreneur Centre when they graduate.

This splendid outcome was achieved by the students who engineered an opportunity to show what they can do and then carried it out professionally to the client’s satisfaction.

Yes, the University’s Enterprise Team and the engineering firm created the opportunity but the students themselves grasped it with all four hands!

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