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About 6 weeks ago I opened an email from a lady called Julia Shimanis, inviting me to travel to Omsk, Russia to speak at the International Summit on Social Enterprise being held there. It was both exciting and slightly daunting to receive, but at that time I really didn’t imagine it would actually happen. So it is quite strange to find myself writing this first blog instalment of my adventure, just a few hours before setting off on a very long journey. My presentation has been written and sent on ahead for translation and I am busy packing the last few things before heading to the airport.

I have been to Russia before, but only to Moscow and Tver and that was 25 years ago in 1990 when it was no doubt a very different place to today and I had a very different life too. I didn’t even know where Omsk was when I received the invitation; I now know it is in Siberia and that it is hosting the International Summit for Social Innovation and I will be delivering a workshop on the methods and importance of social audit and accounting when planning or running a Social Enterprise. I will be joined by other guest speakers from around the world including, India, Brazil, Belgium, Israel and Estonia.

The purpose of the summit is to bring together different thoughts, methods and approaches to Social Enterprise from across the globe as the Regional Government in Omsk is keen to progress and ensure it is on track to be a centre of best practise within the Russian Federation. As I am the only representative from the UK, I do feel a certain sense of responsibility and pressure!

Anyway, I will keep posting on my travels and let you know how the trip is going…..


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