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So the journey itself has been an education so far!

A closed runway at Manchester airport on Tuesday morning meant a delayed flight to Frankfurt, a different connection to Moscow and a completely missed flight to Omsk. I found myself at Moscow airport late at night trying to change my onward journey to Omsk with a rather fierce airline rep via google translate and a lot of patience! She kept telling me that I was on board the departed plane and that I was not still in Moscow. Apparently standing speaking to her was not strong enough evidence that I had actually missed the flight and really needed some help booking another!

Fortunately, I had put the unexpected time I had in Frankfurt to good use and had found and booked a hotel room just next to Moscow airport, so at least I knew I had a bed for a few hours sleep not too far away.

The Wednesday morning flight to Omsk was just about full, so my hosts had to rebook me a new ticket which is probably why I now find myself unexpectedly sitting in Business Class writing this next instalment! I think I am now going to arrive in Omsk at 5pm local time and have every intention of sleeping until the conference starts on Thursday morning.

More to follow including the conference itself and whether the delegates have taken to a jet-lagged, caffeine fuelled Englishman!

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