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As part of your school or college higher education and employment preparation programmes, one key area involves working with families, parents and carers – in order to raise awareness and understanding and to involve them as a key stakeholder in the learners’ decision making process. The recent Quality in Careers Standard (QCS, October 2017), the

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Careers provision in schools and colleges is once again firmly in the spotlight. As those of you in careers roles in schools will be aware, The Quality in Careers Standard (QCS, 2017), sets the new gold standard for good CEG provision in schools. The QCS, the national quality award for careers education, is routed firmly

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In an ever-changing and uncertain labour market, high quality Careers IAG and HE preparation has arguably never been so important for our young people. Of course, universities have been supporting you for many years in this vital area of your work, through a wide range of HE preparation activities, workshops and presentations, and there’s no

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The number of students taking the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) has increased significantly in recent years from just over 5,000 back in 2009 to 35,000 in 2014. We are predicting that the EPQ’s popularity is set to continue… There are many good reasons why and here are just three of them.

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You may have noticed that the Government had a Spending Review on 25 November and as educators and advisers, I’m sure you poured over the detail relating to schools and colleges and perhaps to Higher Education.  Just in case you didn’t pick up on this, I thought it might be helpful to outline the changes

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It’s that time of year again where students start making their applications to university and are starting to think about the financial implications of university study. There have been some changes to the student finance package for students starting university in 2016, so to help you provide information to those students who ask you about

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  This is a scary and stressful time for all concerned students, their parents, teachers and advisers and university staff.  Like Christmas, it only happens once a year, requires huge amounts of preparation and build up and then seems to be over in a flash.  The difficulty with Clearing is that most students aren’t prepared

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What is happening? If you work with students applying to university you will have noticed the growing trend for universities to make unconditional offers. This started last year and seems to have spread like wild fire this year. It’s not a straightforward picture and can take different guises, but few of these offers are genuinely

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This was my workstation on day one: phone, headset, computer, notepad, pen…and cup of tea. The computer and phone systems were easy to get the hang of after a few calls.

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  Name: Rebecca Ennis Course: Sociology BSc (Hons) Year of graduation: 2012 Current job role: Teacher of Psychology and Sociology, The Mirfield Free Grammar School and Sixth Form

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