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This was my workstation on day one: phone, headset, computer, notepad, pen…and cup of tea. The computer and phone systems were easy to get the hang of after a few calls.

The Clearing Helpline

The Clearing Helpline

The clearing helpline room had  non-stop calls on results day and only got quiet towards the end of week two. Calls were very diverse, some people exceeded their predicted grades, others had missed them.


Academic staff busy on the phones

The Core Decision Team

When a caller had the correct qualifications we would put them through to the room upstairs where admissions tutors from the academic departments would talk to them. It was a good feeling to put someone though who you felt had a good chance of getting on the course they wanted.

Clearing Admissions Day

Many of those who were offered a place or an interview through clearing came to our admissions day which was like a mini open day. To the left is the check in desk for people arriving on the day.

Student Ambassadors

Charlotte and I ready to help!

This is Charlotte and I in our orange t-shirts ready to give campus tours. The tours were especially important for those with places through clearing as they would be studying at the Huddersfield in a few weeks.



Clearing Admissions Day

The Business School had a busy and happy atmosphere all day  with people speaking to academics about their courses and finding out more about the University. 


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