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I entered higher education through doing a BTEC course at college and decided to go to university straight after graduating from college. I did look into doing a Foundation Degree and HND’s but preferred having the option to move away from home and my results were good enough to not need to do a Foundation Degree. The BTEC I did was called BTEC Extended Diploma in Information Technology which consisted of 18 units that were completed over a two years of the course. Each unit was worth a certain amount of UCAS points which is used by Universities when selecting applicants for the course on offer.

Doing a BTEC over something like A-Levels really suited the way in which I learn as I am more hands on and I really stuck at exams. I enjoyed doing a BTEC as it gave me a great mixture of theory based and practical sessions.

Routes into HE (resized)

After getting my first year results through and being persuaded by my tutors I applied to a few universities. As my results were good and I was expected to come out with a high grade I only really took into consideration where the university was and the course content when applying.

Throughout the two years I was aware of the amount of UCAS points I was expected to come out with as the tutors provided us with a Grade Tracker which allowed us to put in the grades from each assignment and it would output the UCAS points you’ve got from that. Having this tool was really helpful in knowing what grades I needed to get in each assignment to get on certain courses.

No matter what route you’ve taken, BTEC, A-Level or Foundation Degree my biggest advice is to not worry and stress about your grades as there are plenty of options available.

If you have any questions about routes into higher education please feel free to leave them in the comments section below.

– Sophie :)

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