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Choosing a course is one of the hardest decisions you’ll have to make when completing your University application. This is because each course within the subject area may have a different course title and the course content varies greatly across different universities.

When I was looking into what course I wanted to do I used the Which University website and used their search feature which allows you to search using keywords, for me I searched for courses relating to web design. From the results I then compared the course content which I found through the specific university websites. After narrowing down the search I applied to three courses which fitted in with what I wanted to do.

Choosing a course how I made my decision (resized)

After applying I signed up to Open Days and Applicant Days to get a better insight into the what the course content had to offers, what the tutors were like and what the university was like as a whole.

When thinking back to the time I was making decision of which course I wanted to do a lot of what influenced my decision was what modules I’d be studying across the 3 years. I wanted a variety of design and code modules to give me a wider overall knowledge of web design. My parents also helped my decision. My Dad took me to various different university Open Days and my Mum helped me with making pros and cons lists of the courses I was considering.

When coming to my final decision I took everything into consideration, from the course content to the actual surrounding areas of where the university was located. Doing this gave me a better idea of where I actually wanted to study for the next 3 years whilst doing a course relating to the web design industry.

Now that I’m half-way through my second year of the course I really feel that I made the right decision as I’m learning a variety of coding languages and gaining a vast amount of design knowledge.

If you have any questions about choosing a course feel free to comment them below.

– Sophie :)

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