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As part of your University application, you may be required to put together a portfolio to showcase the work you’ve already done and to display your skills. Depending on the course you’re applying for will determine what type of portfolio you’ll need to produce. For Web and Computing courses like mine (Web Technologies) the expected type of portfolio is a website that shows different types of work within that area.

As part of some of my University applications, I had to put together a portfolio to showcase the skills I had within the IT/Web area. As I hadn’t created a portfolio before I wasn’t quite sure what was meant to be on one. After some thought, I created a simple portfolio website that showcased the graphic designs I’d done and websites I’d developed. When designing the website I decided to make it fully responsive, which means all the elements span the full width of the page and can adapt to any size screen making it more accessible and readable, as this showed that I was aware that most people browse the web on smaller devices such as tablets and smartphones. The format in which I showcased my work was in an image gallery, this meant that the screenshots of the work were the sole focus of the website. As well as using the images on the website to showcase my skills, I also coded the website myself using HTML, CSS and JavaScript.


As my portfolio was a static website it didn’t take much time to create. If I’m remembering correctly it only took a few day to complete. The hardest part was deciding what pieces of work should go on the website.

Looking back I don’t think I got much support in the creation of the portfolio website, which was mainly down to me not asking my tutors for help or to look over it. Now though, I think I should have asked some of my tutors for help as they would have been able advise me of what I should put on it and they would have given me feedback on the design and content within the portfolio.

To make my portfolio stand out above other people’s I tried to include a mixed of things to show my versatility and that I could do a variety of tasks. Other thing’s I did was made it responsive and very image focused.

Personally, I think putting together a portfolio can be difficult. Deciding what should be included is a big decision and if I could go back in time I would add more content around the different projects I’d worked rather than just displaying pictures. I think this would give the person looking at it a better idea of what was actually involved in the project.

I have put together a few tips for those that need to create a portfolio.

Tip 1

Display only your best work (quality rather than quantity).

Tip 2

Don’t worry about how you create and display your portfolio, focus on the content.

Tip 3

Get as much feedback from your tutors on the design of the portfolio and content within it.

I hope this helps if you need to create a portfolio for your University application. If you have any questions about portfolios feel free to comment them below.

– Sophie :)

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