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I sat down with my subject area leader, Dr Michael O’Grady to talk about the teaching at Huddersfield University. Each video covers a different aspect of teaching at the University.

Teaching Qualifications of Staff

Teaching Hours

Industry Lead Sessions

Support Offered

If you have any questions about the teaching at Huddersfield University please feel free to leave a comment below.

– Sophie :)

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In this episode of Society Spotlight we took a trip to the Leisure Centre to take part in the Thai Boxing Society. I’m already a part of the society so I wasn’t nervous as I knew what I was doing.

Because of my experience in Thai Boxing I was on the pads while Mike (the President) showed Molly two combinations.

Take a look and see how Molly got on and find about more about the Thai Boxing Society in our video!

For more information about the Thai Boxing Society visit their page.

Be sure to tune in regularly to our Society Spotlight blog and visit our YouTube channel for more videos.

If you have any questions about the Thai Boxing Society or have a society you want us to cover then leave them in the comments below.

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Christmas is just a few weeks away and I cannot wait! I especially love the food at Christmas, just thinking about it is making me hungry. This year I am spending Christmas with my Mum, which will be a nice little change as for the past two years I’ve spend Christmas at my Dad’s.

The plan is to go down on the train around the 21st December as I’ll be staying in Huddersfield to get a little bit of work done before going away for my Christmas break. On the Friday we’ll be seeing the rest of the family on my Mum’s side. I’m really looking forward to seeing them as I don’t get a chance to that often.

On Christmas day my Mum will be doing her amazing Christmas feast. I am really looking forward to having a prawn cocktail and a selection of three meats. In between eating we will open presents, play on Wii and play some classic board games (I’ve requested Frustration).

After Christmas, around the 27th December I’ll be back on the train travelling down to see my Dad. I’ll be spending a few days down with him before coming back to Huddersfield to celebrate New Year with my friends.


My Mum has already been busy preparing for Christmas. The decorations are up and she’s started buying all the Christmas nibbles. Apparently she’s now running out of cupboard space.

I am really looking forward to Christmas and seeing my family. What are your plans for Christmas? Let me know in the comments below.

– Sophie :)

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Even though we all have to attend lectures student life is very different for everyone. As I’m a Web Technologies student the majority of my time is spent in front of a computer screen. To give you more of an insight into what my student life is like I’m going to be sharing what I got up to the week commencing the 28th November.

Monday 28th November


Alarm goes off and I instantly reach for my phone to turn it off it. To wake myself up I check through social media. Before getting ready to leave for University I eat my usual breakfast of toast and a cup of tea. At 11am I leave my flat and do the very short walk to University.

11:15am – 1:15pm

I arrive to my first lecture of the day which is for our Individual Project. This module gives you complete freedom over what you want to do and how you spend your time. I actually didn’t do any work for Individual Project and instead applied for a few placement jobs and caught up with my course mates and discuss different pieces of work we had done and still got to do.


Once the lecture had finished I headed home to work on my Visual Design assignment. I looked through the feedback I’d been given last week and set out creating a new template screen on Adobe Photoshop. This had all the elements that would be used on every screen and all the heading fonts and sizes on. I checked that the sizes of the elements on the template screen were easily readable by putting them on Marvel, which is a prototyping tool.



After I’d finished the template screen I ate lunch. Today I decided on a chicken and mushroom Pot Noodle. I then quickly wash my pots and walked back to University.

3:15pm – 5:15pm

I arrived back at University for my last two classes of the day. The first is a seminar and the final one is a lecture for Web Design and Programming. The topic for both of these were on user authentication which involved looking at web Cookies and Sessions to store user details securely.


I got back from University and put my tea on straight away as I was starving. I had burgers with bacon, pigs in blankets, duck spring rolls and cheesy chips.

6:30pm onward

After tea I spent the rest of the evening chilling out watching Netflix, chatting with my friends and watching I’m a Celeb!

Wednesday 30th November


Woke up naturally as Wednesday’s are my day off and time to catch up on sleep. I checked social media, ate breakfast and got dressed before leaving the flat to go to the Placement Drop-in Session.

1:30pm – 4pm

Went to the placement unit to get two of my covering letters I’d written approved before sending them off. As the placement unit was extremely busy I started going through the Warner Bros online application whilst I waited. After a bit of a wait I had my covering letters checked. It needed a few slight changes but I got some really good advice and they also helped me with the Warner Bros application I’d started.

4pm – 4:50pm

I went shopping straight from the placement unit for my weekly shop. I brought all sorts of items to keep me stocked up for another week. I spent more than I wanted to and the bags were really heavy making the walk back the flat very uncomfortable and tiring.

5pm – 6pm

After putting my shopping away I sat down back at my PC and continued working on my Visual Design assignment. I created a few more screens, making small but good progress with the assignment.


Tea was finally cooked. I sat down while watching Netflix and ate my sausages and cheesy chips.


After washing my pot I started get ready for this week’s Thai Boxing social. The theme this week was Baywatch/Lifeguard’s. I had and shower, got in my outfit which was my red lifeguard top and white shorts and had a few cans of cider before heading out to meet everyone.

8:45pm onwards

The rest of the night was spent with the Thai Boxing society going round our usual route of bars and clubs. We ended up in Tokyo where S Club were performing. We were given a VIP booth (not sure who got us it) and we were right next to Bradley and JoJo. We managed to get pictures with Bradley and had an amazing view from the VIP booth of them performing. It was a really good night with my friends.



Friday 2nd December


Woke up to the sound of my alarm which made me jump as I was extremely tired that morning. I don’t think I slept very well. I got out of bed, after checking social media, and ate my breakfast which was again toast and a cup of tea. I then got ready to go to work.

8:45am – 3:10pm

I arrived at University for the start of my shift. I was working as a Student Ambassador for the Open Day. Throughout the day I was there on hand helping the members of staff with the talks and tours and making sure people were going to the right rooms.

3:15pm – 3:45pm

Went into town straight after work to get some presents for family. Managed to get four presents but after getting back to my flat I noticed one was damaged so I need to go back at some point and see if I can get it changed.

4pm – 5pm

Before having my tea I continued to work on my Visual Design assignment and created a few more screens.


Tonight’s tea was left over pizza from the previous night and potato wedges.

6:20pm – 8pm

After my tea and getting into my gym gear I walked to University to meet Molly. We then walked up to the Leisure Centre as we were filming the second episode of Society Spotlight. This consisted of us interviewing the captain of the Boxing society and then actually giving it a go.



After filming this, I stayed for training. Tonight’s training was dedicated solely to sparring. It was really tough and I got hit in the face quite a bit. It was a great session though and I really enjoyed it.

8:30pm – 10pm

Got back to flat just in time to watch I’m a Celeb with Lauren (my friend).

10pm onwards

Watched rubbish on TV and chatted with Lauren till we were both tired.


I hope this has given you a good insight into what life at University is like. Like I said, student life is different for everyone so make sure you look at my fellow bloggers post to get a sense of what student life is like for them too!

If you have any questions feel free to comment them down below or tweet me @sthomasuk with the #hudunilife

– Sophie :)

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In and around Huddersfield there are plenty of places to grab a drink whether you are just wanting a quite drink or wanting to stay out all night.



There are two great nightclubs in Huddersfield, Camel Club and Tokyo, both of which are located in the town which is only a short walk from the University.

Camel Club is open 5 days a week’s offering a different theme each night as well as special events such as fancy dress and their Silent Disco. In addition to this they also have guest DJ’s and a cash give away of £250 every Monday. Camel Club also offers a membership card which allows you to queue jump, get cheaper entry and drinks.

Tokyo is open 4 days a week and offers 4 different rooms with different styles of music for you to dance to. Tokyo often holds events with guest stars such as Professor Green, Tinchy Stryder and most recently Example. Tokyo’s newest event Made in the 90’s is held every Wednesday and provides students with some great deals throughout the night such as 90p entry (before 1am), 90p on selected drinks (before 1am), 90p pizza and 90p shots.

Pubs & Bars

In Huddersfield there are plenty of pubs and bars to choose from that can suit everyone’s taste. Whether you’re just wanting a bite to eat, a few drinks with friends or wanting to start your night early before heading to a nightclub. A few student favourites include Warehouse, Weatherspoon’s, Mavericks 80’s Lounge, Revolution, Rock Café, Parish Pub and Five Bar.

Close by

If all that wasn’t enough Halifax, Leeds and Manchester are all in close proximity. Here’s a few student favourites:

In Halifax there are two great night spots Acapulco Nightclub and Maggie’s Bar.

For a night out in a big city why not try Leeds? A few favourites are Mint ClubThe Space and PRYZM. There’s also the famous Call Lane, a street full of bars and pubs which has a little something for everyone.

Manchester is renowned for its nightlife. A few of its best bars and clubs are ARKThe BirdcageFifth Nightclub and 42’s Nightclub.

As you can see from the list above there are plenty of places to go for a night out to suit everyone’s taste. If you have any questions feel free to leave me a comment below.

– Sophie :)


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What is the SU?

The students union is run by students for students, all in aid to help make student life better. Although the SU is partly funded by the University it is its own organisation which means that all the profits made by the students union goes back into the students union.


The students union is led by 5 students who are elected each year. These five students are known as the Executive Committee and they use their time talking with the University to fight issue on your behalf.

This year our student officers are:

President = Sabrina

Education = Charlotte

Communication = Emma

Wellbeing = Lianne

Activities = Dilara


How does it help students?

Due to the nature of the way in which the students union is run, they are always on hand to help students. They do this in many ways. A few are:

The Advice Centre is there to assist you on any academic, accommodation, finance and student life issues you may be having.


Big ideas is a section on the SU website which allows you as a student to post your ideas that you think will improve the University. These ideas are then up and down voted by other students. Once the voting period has ended the SU team will review the idea and decided whether it can happen or not.

HudLets is the Students’ Union affiliated, independent estate agents. They are there to help you find somewhere to live.


What services does it offer to students?

The Students’ Union offers many services to students to help them get stuck into University life.

The SU offer many events throughout the year for students to get involved in. At the very start of the year they organise and run Fresher’s week. This is a full week filled with activities; a few Fresher’s events are Fresher’s Fair, HudCrawl, HudComedy and HudLive.


They also organise night outs. A few that have happened this year already are the Warehouse Superhero Party, Sports Mashup and Bonfire Night.

The students union also provides students with plenty of volunteering opportunities. Doing these can help you learn new skills, meet new people and it looks great on your CV!

SU elections happen throughout the year where students vote in other students to help run different parts of the SU. The main election, where five students are voted in to run the students union, happens in March. This is a huge opportunity for students to be fully immersed into the University and helping to make the University better.

The SU also offers other services and events such as a Puppy Room, Societies, Cinema Night and Varsity.


How can students get involved with the SU?

There are many ways in which you can get involved in the SU when you come to study here. You can run for our Union Council, become a Course Rep, join a society, participate in a volunteering project or stand for SU President.

If you are joining us here at Huddersfield University the SU will play a big part in your University life. Whether you use it for finding your accommodation, seeking advice or just chilling with your new found friends.

For more information about Huddersfield’s Student’s Union check out their website.

– Sophie :)

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For the first episode of this series we headed down to HD1 Studios to take join the Dance Society. Before going I was a little nervous and slightly fearful as I’ve never danced before and my flatmates have also very kindly pointed out I am very heavy footed.

I have to say though after taking part it wasn’t as bad as I initially thought. Although I’m defiantly not cut out for dancing I did have a good laugh while doing it.

Take a look for yourselves and find out more about the Dance Society in our video!

For more information about the Dance Society visit their page.

Be sure to tune in regularly to our Society Spotlight blog and visit our YouTube channel for more videos.

If you have any questions about the Dance Society or have a society you want us to cover then leave them in the comments below.

– Sophie :)

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Over the course of this academic year Molly and I will be creating a series of videos that promote the societies we have here at Huddersfield University. The idea behind this series is to give you an insight into what the societies at Huddersfield are really like.

See our video below for an overview of the series.

Remember to check back soon for the first episode of the series (and get the chance to see me dance).

Society Spotlight playlist on YouTube:

– Sophie :)

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As it’s the start of a new academic year I have thought about and set myself some goals I would like to achieve this year.

Last year I did the same thing and after looking back at those goals I can confidently say that I achieved all of them. You can read them here: My Yearly Goals


Video: Goals for 2nd Year of Uni


Setting these goals help me see what I actually what to achieve throughout this year. Have you set any goals for this academic year? If you have be sure to share them in the comments below.

– Sophie :)

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I spent most of my summer doing what most students do, sleeping and binge watching shows on Netflix. However, I did manage to squeeze in a few other more productive things in between.

Designed and Coded my Portfolio Website
The first thing, that also took up the most time over the summer, was re-designing and coding my new portfolio website ready for applying to placement companies. This involved me adding all my projects, blog posts and videos onto the website manually. This meant that that all my work is now in one place under one domain.

My new website:

Visited my family
I spent time with my family over the summer. A few activities I did with them were seeing the poppies at Lincoln Castle, spending the day in Brighton where I met YouTuber Joe Weller, having meals out, spending the afternoon at the Dog Races in Brighton/Hove and spent the day at Portsmouth Harbour. It was nice spending time with them while not having to worry about doing work.

Me with Joe Weller

Volunteered at Reasonsto: Design, Code & Create
Over 4 days in September I volunteered at the Reasonsto Conference. As a volunteer, I was mainly there to register the attendees on Monday, which was the longest day with the earliest start. I think my heart stopped a little when my alarm went off at 5:30am! My specific role was finding their badge and giving it to them along with a schedule and gifts from the sponsors. On the other days, I was there on hand if they needed anything doing. Due to the train strike I actually missed out on helping pack everything away and a group photo. If it ever appears online I’ll have to just Photoshop myself in!

Me with designer Femke

Full post about the event here:

Moved into my new flat

I moved out and into my new flat over the summer. My Mum kindly helped me move most of my stuff across. It was made a little harder due to one of the lifts being broken.

So overall my summer mainly consisted of relaxing with a few interesting activities in between. What did you do over the summer?

– Sophie :)