Posted by sthomas on March 7, 2016 11:01 am

Quite a lot of courses at Huddersfield University provide students with work placement opportunities. My course, Web Technologies, offers a year out in placement which I do hope to do.

As I’m only in my first year I still have two years until I go on placement but next year I will set the process of looking for companies that I can do my placement year with. The University provides us with lecture time in the second year which is all about placements. These are designed to help build our portfolios and find the right placement for us.

I believe that placements are beneficial as it provides you with industry experience which is much needed when applying for jobs. For five months while at college I went on placement one day a week at Space Creative in York. This experience allowed me to gain knowledge in that industry and what it’s like to work as a team on a project for a real client. This experience is extremely valuable as it shows that I am capable of working in that environment and completing tasks that meet the needs of a client. I also believe that my confidence improved as I was able to speak to all the team members and I didn’t feel intimidated to ask for help when I was unable to complete a task or unsure about something.

I do think that the University provides good opportunities for placements as they have a placement unit to help us find placements and lectures in the second year. Having a placement year on my course did influence my decision in choosing this course and the University of Huddersfield because I feel that gaining work experience in the industry will help me get a job after university.

If you have any questions about placement opportunities at Huddersfield University please feel free to get in touch via the comments below.

– Sophie :)