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Take a look at this beautiful, timid and helpless animal, this is the Angora Rabbit. The production of Angora fur has been in the news recently as an investigation by PETA has revealed how these animals are being treated to produce clothes.

“Angora, which is used to make gloves, sweaters, hats and scarves, comes from the fur of long-haired angora rabbits, and 90 per cent of angora wool is produced in China, where PETA Asia’s recent investigation has revealed that workers often rip the fur from the rabbits’ skin in handfuls while they’re conscious. As you would imagine, these timid animals are in agony while this happens.” (Source:

I am personally saddened to say I own a jumper that contains Angora fur. Thinking about how these animals have been treated just for fashion is unbelievably disgusting. I couldn’t bring myself to watch the video filmed by PETA of the happenings in the Asian factories. 

With today’s advances in fibre production it’s crazy to think we even need to wear real fur. However, if some do feel the need, Angora should be produced with the animal’s welfare in mind.  
I am pleased to say a variety of retailers – including H&M, New Look and Espirit – have stopped the production of Angora Fur until “credible certification and proof that it complies with according policies on animal welfare” are in place. (Source:

Let’s hope that what has now been brought to our attention makes us think twice when purchasing a garment made with Angora fur – at least till we have proof that our beautiful furry friends are being treated with care and love. It’s only what they deserve. 
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