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I am Amerdeep Singh Panesar a second year student studying History and Politics at the University of Huddersfield. With the World War I centenary coming up soon many projects are running to commemorate the different aspects of the war. I have got involved in the Empire, Faith and War project. The projects aim is to look at Sikhs in World War I. The project is run by the United Kingdom Punjab Heritage Association (UKPHA). The UKPHA have completed many projects in the past on Sikhs but this projects is possibly the largest undertaken so far as it obtained a Heritage Lottery  grant for the research.

The project will aim to celebrate the contribution of Sikh soldiers during World War I,  starting with the centenary year of 2014. The research undertaken will collect and share stories of Sikh soldiers and families throughout war time. The result of this research will lead onto a twelve week exhibition at the School of Oriental and African studies in London during the summer of 2014. There will also be a documentary film made along with educational packs made for schools. My role in the projects will be a core citizen historian. This means I will be researching in many different public and private collections to gain the information required to deliver the project. The team will also be collecting oral histories from people whose family members were involved in the war. The first research workshop took place at the Imperial War Museum on the 15 January 2014. This was the introduction to the project and the start of research through the many different sources available to the team. There will be series of workshops to follow at British Library, the National Archives and other local museums and libraries.  The British Library holds some fascinating material on World War 1 which can be seen here

An article on Amerdeep’s research, which appeared in Asian Image 25 April 2014, can be downloaded here

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  1. Anne Samson says:

    Please keep us informed. We at the Great War in Africa Association are very interested in Indian involvement in the African campaigns of World War 1. Why not consider sharing your findings on African involvement at the Great War in Africa conference to be held in Lisbon on 14 and 15 July 2014?

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