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The Dispersal Policy: Circular 7/65, 1965 proclaimed that: About one-third of immigrant children is the maximum that is normally acceptable in a school if social strains are to be avoided and educational standards maintained. Local Education Authorities are advised to arrange for the dispersal of immigrant children over a greater number of schools in order

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A group of undergraduate and postgraduate students and academic staff at the University of Huddersfield have come together to curate an exhibition, write a conference paper, and to publish a chapter in a book. Paul Ward, professor of modern British history, explains why engaging students as researchers and using a co-production approach to interpreting the

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I am Calum Leatham, a third-year History BA student at the University of Huddersfield. This year, for the module ‘Community and Identity in the Later Middle Ages’ (taught by Dr. Patricia Cullum), me and my peers were tasked with producing a mock pitch for an episode of a BBC 4 documentary series focusing on medieval

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“Transatlantic Digital Victorians” is an exciting new collaborative student/faculty research project between the University of Huddersfield and Huron University College in Ontario, Canada. Dr Amy Bell at Huron and Professor Paul Ward at Huddersfield are going to supervise group student projects in the 2016-7 academic year, with students from The Historian’s Craft and Digital Victorians,

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