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My name is Marie Mrvova and I am studying MA by Research in Public History, Oral History and Community Heritage at University of Huddersfield. I also work as a collector and editor for Memory of Nations (Paměť národa), Czech oral history project lead by Post-bellum, Czech radio (Český rozhlas) and Institute for Studies of Totalitarian

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    By Dr Lindsey Dodd, Senior Lecturer in Modern European History During October and November 2016 I travelled around France, collecting historical source material about children’s lives in France during the Second World War. The source material is quite unusual: I have been seeking out and listening to filmed and audio oral history-type interviews

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The Dispersal Policy: Circular 7/65, 1965 proclaimed that: About one-third of immigrant children is the maximum that is normally acceptable in a school if social strains are to be avoided and educational standards maintained. Local Education Authorities are advised to arrange for the dispersal of immigrant children over a greater number of schools in order

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