A trip to the British Library

Elizabeth Pente and Emma Levitt tells us about their research adventures

As a PhD student, conducting research can be one of the most exciting and at times frustrating parts of the thesis process.  Not only do you have to find relevant collections, but learn how to access them – and occasionally, even once found the materials could be restricted.  This is why when I learned that the British Library was hosting an event on their collections, how to access them, and to meet members of their staff I jumped at the opportunity. Continue reading

Huddersfield Town Football Club, ‘Thrice Champions’

Huddersfield Town Association Football Club, 1920. Kirklees Image Archive

My name is Jordan Diggle and I am a second year History undergraduate currently studying at the University of Huddersfield. One of my module choices is the ‘Hands on History, which is led by Dr Janette Martin. This choice of module has presented me as well as other students a new opportunity into discovering fresh ways of researching and interpreting history. Our first challenge has been a group based activity. The purpose of this is to develop a museum display board entitled ‘Made in Huddersfield’ which will be put on display on 8 New Street for the viewing by the public. This will be a part of a collective display which each museum boards presents a different part of Huddersfield’s rich history. Continue reading

England Arise – Conscientious Objectors in Huddersfield

Hannah Batley, English student, tells us about her work placement with local playwright Mick Martin. England Arise is a play based on the research of Huddersfield historian Cyril Pearce.

The First Day…

Walking into this project, I had no concrete idea of what it would be like, I could only assume and the reality outweighed any expectation I could have had.  On my first day, we all met in the large meeting room in Lawrence Batley Theatre. A gradual stream of people entered and I slowly began to differentiate actors from writers, to historians. Continue reading

Uncovering the University’s role in the First World War

History Blog 2 – Literature and History: Uncovering the University’s role in the First World War.

My name is Steven Jackson and I am currently on a three month internship, with the University of Huddersfield. During my internship, I have volunteered to help the History Department with their research, into the University’s role during the First World War. As people will know, from reading my previous blog, my knowledge and experience of history is not academic. Because of this, I feel extremely privileged to be allowed to contribute to this project, and handle genuine articles and artefacts from the time. Continue reading

Writing a history book is difficult

Cover from the Sheffield Million Pound Appeal Brochure, 1938

Professor Barry Doyle tell us why writing a history book is difficult

Writing a history book is difficult. Well you would expect that – but the difficulties are not limited to having a good idea or sustaining the momentum to write your masterpiece. They are also shaped by a range of practical considerations which, though it pains me to admit it, reflect many of the concerns raised by Keith Jenkins in his controversial work, Rethinking History (Routledge, 1991). Continue reading

The offbeat, charming and unpredictable world of Victor Grayson MP

Victor Grayson heading a demonstration in the Colne Valley

My name is Tom Chappelow, and for my Masters I am studying political oratory. Great moments in political oratory: Obama’s victory in Chicago. Churchill’s blood, toil and tears in Westminster. King’s dream under Lincoln. Grayson’s new hairstyle in Marsden. Cierco’s lacerations in the Sen—wait. Hairstyle? Marsden? Welcome to the offbeat, charming and unpredictable world of Victor Grayson, the first socialist MP for Colne Valley. Continue reading

Uncovering the University’s role in the First World War.

Literature and History: Uncovering the University’s role in the First World War.

British Tommies hard at work on the Western Front constructing canteen facilities. Hundreds of students and several staff of Huddersfield Technical College (as the University of Huddersfield was then known) volunteered for service in the war.

My name is Steven Jackson and I am currently in the first week of my internship, in the English Literature department of the University. This week, I was asked by the History Department to help them with their research project into finding out what the University’s role was during the First World War. Continue reading

“It int like it used to be tha knows” recollections of the Co-operative Movement

Co-operative Education Trust Scotland

Martyn Richardson reports back on his first interviews for the Co-operative Movement oral history project

I had arranged three interviews for Saturday 11 January to allow a broader range of perspectives from the interviewees. I chose  a different area for my interviews not only because it was my home town but I thought it may add an alternative set of responses in comparison with interviews being held elsewhere. The first was with a current employee of the Co-operative food store in Darton, which is in South Yorkshire. Sheryl Ledger is in her late 50’s so can offer a good range of memories of the Co-op both as a customer and employee.  Both Sheryl and I were a little anxious at first but that soon disappeared. Continue reading