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Sarah Williamson, HudCRES. You may have read recent press coverage about the (temporary) removal of the Victorian painter John William Waterhouse’s Hylas and the Nymphs by Manchester Art Gallery. After the removal, at a planned performance event by artist Sonia Boyce, gallery visitors were asked to write comments and their thoughts on post-it notes in

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Dr. Pam Hanley, Senior Research Fellow, HudCRES. The government has ambitious plans to reform technical education in this country and fill the skills gap. But there is a huge challenge that is currently being ignored: the scarcity of vocational teachers. This shortage is particularly acute in the area of science, engineering and technology. The Education

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Andrew Walsh, National Teaching Fellow and Academic Librarian I was invited to write a chapter for a book about play a short while ago, called The Power of Play: Voices from the Play Community. The book was edited by the organiser of the CounterPlay conference (, an international conference and festival dedicated to exploring play

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Ed Southall, HudCRES. Last year I was fortunate enough to secure funding to visit Japan to study the way in which mathematics is taught in primary schools as part of my PhD research (See Maths Education – in the UK and Japan). I am investigating the transnational influences on mathematics pedagogy in England, which has

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