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  Cheryl Reynolds, HudCRES. I have recently been reading a LOT of papers on the sociology of education that use the work of Pierre Bourdieu. Many show great insight and employ his ideas as they were meant to be employed – as intellectually challenging tools with which to think about the complex and nuanced social

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Alison Stott, Research Development Manager, HudCRES.   This Friday, the 25th of May, is GDPR day!   At the end of this week, new legislation which governs the processing, holding or use of ‘personal data’ and will come into force across the EU in the form of the General Data Protection Regulation and, in the

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Andrew Walsh, National Teaching Fellow and Academic Librarian   As part of my research into play and learning in adults, I’ve been considering the problem of ‘permission to play’. Young children (and animals) play without prompting, and it can be seen as the primary way in which they learn social and survival skills. Play allows

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  Alison Ryan, HudCRES. One of the key research questions for my doctorate, looking at informal learning in medieval re-enactment, is the role of apprenticeships.   The skills that are learnt by modern re-enactors through their informal learning are, in most cases, those that would have been taught in medieval times through an apprenticeship.    

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  Rachel Terry, and Dr Kate Lavender, HudCRES. Finding time to write is one of the key challenges of balancing academic study with everything else (work, home, family…). Whilst thinking, reading and talking about research may fit into the small chunks of time available on the journey to work or over coffee, writing appears to

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