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  Lyn Tett and Gwyneth Allatt, HudCRES. Gwyneth and Lyn have recently published a paper: Allatt, G. and Tett, L. (2018) Adult literacy practitioners and employability skills: resisting neoliberalism? Journal of Education Policy, DOI:10.1080/02680939.2018.1493144.   Our research in the Scottish central belt and the north of England shows how government policies, especially those relating to

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Roy Halpin, HudCRES. Okay, I’ll admit it, my post has an intentionally provocative title! The answer is ‘yes’. Or ‘no’. ‘Possibly’? As ever, it depends on who you ask.   During my teaching career – in Sixth Form, Further Education (FE) and Initial Teacher Education (ITE) environments – the working landscape has been transformed from

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Samantha McMahon, HudCRES. Recently, I and four colleagues were lucky enough to visit several Nordic universities including Via University College situated in Aarhus, Denmark. Colleagues from Via advised us to visit the new library Dokk1 to see the fabrication laboratory, or ‘fab lab’. They explained that the fab lab was a public space in the

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Professor Lyn Tett, HudCRES. I’ve been a researcher in post-compulsory education for well over twenty years now and I’ve always tried to make a difference to practice as well as theory especially in the field of adult literacy. This is partly driven by my starting work in this field as a practitioner, working in rural

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