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  Cheryl Reynolds, HudCRES. I have recently been reading a LOT of papers on the sociology of education that use the work of Pierre Bourdieu. Many show great insight and employ his ideas as they were meant to be employed – as intellectually challenging tools with which to think about the complex and nuanced social

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Dr Ron Thompson, HudCRES. February was a busy month in the School of Education and Professional Development, not only because of the varied demands of the academic year but because many of our colleagues have been involved in finalising the third edition of the textbook Teaching in Lifelong Learning. As I completed some final editing of

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Dr Ron Thompson, HudCRES. It’s not every day that a global community of researchers – from countries such as Australia, Canada, Switzerland, the UK and Vietnam – can meet to discuss issues of crucial importance in vocational education and training (VET). Yet this is precisely what happened at the University of Huddersfield last week, as the

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Samantha McMahon, HudCRES. Recently, I and four colleagues were lucky enough to visit several Nordic universities including Via University College situated in Aarhus, Denmark. Colleagues from Via advised us to visit the new library Dokk1 to see the fabrication laboratory, or ‘fab lab’. They explained that the fab lab was a public space in the

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Dr Martin Purcell, HudCRES Following on from my previous post Searching for the meaning of ‘Love’, I was delighted that we were recently able to welcome Jools Page to speak at HudCRES. She provided a scintillating presentation about her thinking around the complexities of the relationship between children and adults in professional roles, particularly in

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Professor Lyn Tett, HudCRES. I’ve been a researcher in post-compulsory education for well over twenty years now and I’ve always tried to make a difference to practice as well as theory especially in the field of adult literacy. This is partly driven by my starting work in this field as a practitioner, working in rural

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  I recently attended a public lecture by Professor Guy Standing entitled The Corruption of Capitalism: Why Rentiers Thrive and Work Does Not Pay, hosted by the School of Education at the University of Huddersfield. In a wide ranging lecture that reprised the arguments found in his trilogy of books, The Precariat, A Precariat Charter,

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