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Starting University can be very confusing, you’re talked at about things and places and  it can often feel like you’re expected to remember where you are meant to go for what immediately! We’ve created this blog post to help so that if you get a little stuck or lost in your first few weeks, then hopefully this can help. I’ve picked key areas of campus- if someone is talking about a place not listed here, check it out on the campus map below :)


Below is a great map produced by the University I’d recommend using it for when you are finding your way around in those first few weeks. (If you click on the picture it will take you to a bigger version of the map)

campus map

There is also an accessibility map that can be helpful for students unable to manage stairs:

campus map accessibility

Understanding what room you need to find: the room numbers should follow this pattern; building letter floor number-room number. So in the case of my office, it’s JP2-09 which means you’ll find me in the Joseph Priestley Building, Floor 2- room 9. (The numbers in this blog next to the building names should match the numbers on the map.)

Joseph Priestley- JP (24 on both maps)

Rooms in this building are given a JP at the beginning. In here you’ll find the Resource Centre (JP2/11), the Academic Skills Tutors (JP2-34) and the Student Guidance Office (JP2-09), Student Support Office (JP2-60) as well the food lab, the dispensary and many staff offices.



The two parts of the Joseph Priestley Building are attached by a walkway on the second floor. It may be a little confusing at first, so the easiest way to work out where you need to be is if you have a room number that’s JPX-60 or above then you are in the right hand part of the building (the bit with the Student Support Office, and Courtyard in the middle).

 Student Central Building – SC (34 on map)

Student Central houses almost everything student related! So if you head there, you are likely to find what you need.


You’ll find:

student central

 Schwann Building- SB (07)

This is the tall building in the centre of campus that has University written along the top. When I first started here I used to look for that if I got lost as I knew that if I made it back to that building then I’d find my bearings.


 University Health Centre (UHC on Map)

The Health Centre are situated just next to the Business School (09), the entrance is on the tow path at the side of the canal. If you walk as if you are going to the Business School and look to the left as you cross the bridge, turn left down the steps before you get to the entrance to the Business School then you’ll see it straight ahead of you.

I hope this post is useful and helps you settle in and feel more at home with the University. If you are feeling a little lost when you first arrive or even later on, simple ask for help and we’ll always do our best to support you.


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