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Universities can be strange places, we work in an environment with lots of unique names for things and often develop acronyms. These often seem like everyday language to the staff who work here year on year, and we often forget it can sound like strange new language to our students.

To help with this adjustment, I’ve tried to think of phrases you may hear that might not make complete sense the first time:

 “I’d ask at the iPoint over in Student Central

The iWhat? I hear you cry! The iPoint is going to become your go to place to questions, directions, things-you-aren’t-sure-about, it’s a great service that is based in Student Central (Student what? Details of buildings you need to know about available here ) and they can help out lots of things, full details about the iPoint services available here

“You need to go to your Student Support/School Office

The Student Support or School Office is the same thing- the two names are used interchangeably by different staff I am afraid. If you are advised to go to one then you’ll need to head to the Science Building X1-01 (that’s 1st floor, room 1). If you are told to go to the Student Guidance Office, or to speak to Katie Jeffrey- that’s slightly different as the office is in the West Building W2-16 (that’s second floor, room 16). If in doubt of where you are meant to go, head to X1-01 and we’ll direct you from there.

 “Have you spoken to the Academic Skills Tutors?”

Based in W2/44, the Academic Skills Tutors are your one-stop shop for all enquires and problems regarding academic skills. If you have a problem with referencing or would like some pointers on maths and IT skills then Rukhsana and Caroline will be happy to help.

 “You need to self- certify/self-report your absence”

This means you need to login to the Student Portal here  and use the self service tools in the Attendance Monitoring box to record why you are going to be unable to attend. We’ve created two blogs about attendance monitoring that should help answer any FAQs you may have about attendance. Read the FAQ attendance monitoring blog post here

If you have any concerns about your attendance, please email

 “You’ll have to request that via the e-cover system

The e-cover system is the current system used for when students would like to request an extension for a piece of work.

You would need to submit your extension request via the E-Cover system here:

You’ll need to provide full details of what’s prevented you from completing the work on time, and I would try to be specific about dates if you can. Staff may ask for evidence to explain the extension request.

 “Have you applied for ECs?”

ECs are what a lot of staff will call Extenuating Circumstances. Extenuating Circumstances (ECs) are applied for when a student has been unable to sit their exam(s)/ complete a piece of work, or feel that they’ve not been able to perform as well as they could have in a piece of coursework due to unforeseen, exceptional circumstances and an extension is not possible.

Further details are available here:

 Team Hud

This relates to all the sports and fitness facilities on Campus- you may see signs or you may hear it in passing. The Gym runs lots of exciting classes and there are various things for you to get involved in from social sports all the way to Adult Ballet and LES MILLS Body attack! More details here:


This one is simple (I think) it’s the name for all the catering and food places on campus- it’s just their brand name. I remember seeing it on a poster and being very confused at first! If you are looking for somewhere to eat, why not check out this webpage:

Finally, the Students’ Union has created ‘the Huddersfield Translator’  to help with those moving to Huddersfield for the first time. As someone from the South myself, I have found it very insightful!

If you think of any more that need to be included- get in touch and we’ll work on adding them!

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