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You may find that during induction week, lot of different people will come and talk to you and they’ll say ‘I am so and so and I am your gobble-dee-goo’ and it may mean something at the time, and then later you think, hang on,… who do I need to speak to? what was their role?!

So we’ve written this quick guide to try and help. I’ve listed the titles and names you may hear below- the key ones for all students I’ve highlighted in bold text.

If you go to the Resource Centre you’ll notice outside that there are a few photo boards containing the photo, names and details of staff in the School. This is a fantastic resource for finding out where someone’s room is/what their name is etc.

(need help with buildings/room numbers? check out this blog!)

Personal Tutor

Your Personal tutor will be an academic member of staff within your department who will act as first point of contact for any concerns you have whilst at University. This person should stay the same throughout your course and act as a constant for you. You will find that they are able to help more with academic rather than personal matters, however they can still point you in the right direction on who can help with a range of different issues. You can find out who your personal tutor is by logging onto the Student Portal, and you should have contact with your personal tutor every other week in some form either via email or face to face (meetings can be 121 or in small groups depending on the topic) to discuss how you are finding your academic studies. if you aren’t sure who your personal tutor is, please ask at the Student Support Office (X1-01)

If for any reason you wish not to speak to your personal tutor about something, there are plenty of other options available to you including myself (the Student Guidance & Support Officer- more detail below)

Year Tutor

Each year of your degree will have a year tutor- they act a bit like your Head of Year at School. You are likely to meet your first year tutor during induction week, they are usually the person whose organised it all and it running around telling you where to go for what and when!

Module Leader

Each year, you will be taking a number of modules covering different topics. Although for one module you may be taught by a few different staff, there will be a module leader who is in charge of the whole module. Details of who the leader of each module should be available in the module information on Unilearn. They’ll be the best people to ask initially if you have any questions about the module.

Course Leader

If you are a student rep for your course, then you’ll meet your course leader (and other tutors) at your student panel meetings. They may pop in and say hi during inductions too.

The Course Leader may speak to you if you were considering leaving your course, or wanted to know your options for changing course etc.

You’ll be able to find out who your course is on the photo boards outside the Resource Centre (W2-18)

Academic Skills Tutor

You will meet either Rukhsana or Caroline (or maybe both if you’re extra lucky!) during the induction week as they come to talk to all first year students.

Based in W2/44, the Academic Skills Tutors are your one-stop shop for all enquires and problems regarding academic skills. If you have a problem with referencing or would like some pointers on maths and IT skills then Rukhsana and Caroline will be happy to help.

The Academic Skills Tutors are a wonderful resource, do not wait until it’s too late if you are feeling like you could go with some academic pointers.

Disability Co-ordinator

Disability co-ordinators are located in each academic school and we have disability co-ordinators in each department (see our blog about the available support). They ensure that information about your disability and the recommended academic support is passed on to appropriate members of staff.

You may find them a useful first point of contact within the school if an issue arises with your support- details about the School’s current Disability Coordinators are available here

Disability Adviser

If you have a disability, long term medical condition, mental health or specific learning difficulty, it is likely that you will have some contact with a Disability Adviser (assuming you declare this information to the University). Our Disability Advisor is Simon Rose, and we think he’s great! Further details about Simon and the Disability Services is available here

Student Support Office/ School Office

Staff in the School Student Support Office are available to help you with many aspects of administration whilst you are a student at the University. The team is on hand to help you with queries relating to, amongst other things, your modules, timetabling, attendance monitoring and academic record.

The Student Support team consists of; Course Administrators, Timetable team, Placements administrator and the Attendance monitoring team- contact details for different student support teams are available here

Student Guidance Officer

blog post

That’s me- Katie Jeffrey! You will all be meeting me during the induction week- I’ll be coming along and introducing myself to you then. I hope you’re looking forward to it!
I am around to students support with issues that are having an impact on their studies, general wellbeing or time at Huddersfield. There’s no question too big or too small and if I can’t help you, I’ll find out who can.

I hope this blog post has helped to clear up the different names you will hear thrown about- at least now you should have an idea of who we are talking about!

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